This area is provided specifically for LogTag users and contains information for the installation and safe operation of LogTag products.

LogTag Software

LogTag Analyzer 3 Version 3.2.5

LogTag Analyzer 3 is the latest version of the free LogTag companion software. It features an advanced design, enhanced functionality for graphical representation & analysis of the data and improves configuration and download functionality for all of our data loggers.

What´s new in Analyzer 3.2.5

Please note!

Please ensure that you unplug your USB interface when performing an upgrade. Use LogTag Analyzer 3 instead of the old version (v2.9.11) for compatibility with all LogTag data logger models.

LogTag Online

LogTag Online is a our cloud service, offering you access to your temperature and humidity data from anywhere, including remote alarming via email and SMS. It offers many of the well-known features of the stand-alone LogTag Analyzer software.

What's new in LogTag Online (en)

LogTag Mobile App

LogTag Mobile App allows users to access LogTag Online (LTO) in an app instead of the internet browser and can be used by new or any existing LTO users.

Additional Software

LogTag Xpress Version

LogTag Xpress is a sophisticated alternative to the powerful LogTag Analyzer software, that deliberately comes without a rich feature set and instead focuses on efficiently configuring and downloading the complete range of LogTag data logging products, with as little interaction as possible.

Download Version: 12.6

LogTag Event-Viewer

Support tool allowing users with the correct permission levels to view events recorded by the user server software, detailing who has done what with LogTag Analyzer and when. Required for regulated industries such as pharmaceutical where the use of FDA 21 CFR 11 is mandatory. Only required when using „User Server” software.

Download Version: 1.1.1

LogTag Convert Version

LogTag® Convert copies LogTag® Analyzer data files (*.ltd files) to text files such as CSV files. Organisations can use this program to quickly and efficiently bulk convert data so they can be transferred to other programs, without the need to open files individually.

Download Version: 1.1.1

LogTag USRIC-4 PDF Generating

How to create a PDF report for USRIC-4:

  1. Download the USRIC-4 PDF Generator by selecting the ‘Download’ button below. 
  2. Open download
  3. Insert the USRIC-4 logger into a USB port on your computer.
  4. Select the appropriate temperature unit.
  5. Select ‘Scan’, the application is now scanning the inserted USRIC-4 logger for available data.
  6. Once the USRIC-4 PDF Generator application displays ‘Scanning Complete’ the PDF files have been generated and automatically saved within the computer’s downloads folder.

Note: Windows 10 operating system or higher is required to use the USRIC-4 PDF Generator


LogTag User Server

Support tool allowing creation and maintenance of user accounts, passwords and digital signatures for LogTag Analyzer software. Required for regulated industries such as pharmaceutical where the use of FDA 21 CFR 11 is mandatory.

Download Version: 13.2




Tutorial and Setup Videos

Visit our LogTag YouTube channel for helpful tutorials on software usage and guides for specific data loggers. Learn all about maximizing the use of your LogTag devices!

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