Cold Chain Solutions for the Food Industry

In the dynamic world of food production and distribution, maintaining the right temperature isn't just a quality issue—it's a cornerstone of safety and compliance. Variations in temperature can lead to spoilage, compromised food safety, and a loss of trust from consumers and regulators alike. This is where LogTag data loggers become crucial. Designed to meet the rigorous demands of the food industry, our data loggers offer unparalleled accuracy and reliability in monitoring and recording temperature. Whether it's ensuring the freshness of produce during transport, safeguarding the integrity of frozen foods, or verifying the correct storage conditions for dairy products, LogTag provides the tools necessary for businesses to not only meet but exceed industry standards.

Quality in Every Bite: Reliable Food Temperature Monitoring

LogTag devices go beyond mere temperature monitoring; they give the food industry the power to proactively address preservation and distribution challenges. By alerting to temperature deviations, spoilage and health risks are prevented, enhancing food safety and minimizing financial losses from product recalls. Our loggers are a key asset for businesses striving to maintain consumer trust, comply with strict health regulations, and ensure a flawless cold chain. Our dedication to innovative, tailored temperature monitoring solutions establishes us as an essential partner in delivering food safely and deliciously to consumers, consistently.

  • Guarantees compliance with regulations, ensuring legal and standard adherence.
  • Maintains product integrity, safeguarding quality from production onward.
  • Avoids financial losses by preventing spoilage, enhancing supply chain reliability.
  • Drives strategic decision-making through valuable, data-informed insights.

Preserving Quality Across Diverse (Frozen) Food

LogTag data loggers are engineered to record a wide range of temperatures, catering to all types of food, including frozen items. They are ideal for monitoring conditions during transport, storage, and manufacturing processes. With pre-configured variants, LogTag devices can be tailored to meet specific temperature thresholds required by clients, ensuring precise compliance and optimal freshness.

Meat & Dairy

Ensure these products are stored and transported within safe temperature ranges to prevent spoilage and contamination.


Maintain the freshness of seafood with LogTag's accurate temperature tracking, essential for preventing spoilage.

Fruits & Vegetables

LogTag devices monitor the specific temperature conditions needed to preserve the quality and safety of these products, from fresh produce to frozen goods.

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Meeting Global Compliance and Regulatory Standards: 

In the realm of food safety, adherence to stringent regulatory standards is essential. LogTag data loggers support these efforts by meeting and surpassing global compliance benchmarks. Their integration into food industry operations aids in aligning with international food safety and quality standards, highlighting LogTag's contribution to regulatory adherence and standard maintenance.

Enhancing Audit Trails and Record-Keeping

Audit Trail and Record Accuracy

Establish effective audit trails by storing comprehensive temperature data over time, to ensure a clear and chronological record of the conditions food products have been exposed to. This capability is crucial for inspections, as it provides accurate, detailed, and up-to-date temperature records that are easily accessible to inspectors. Such meticulous record-keeping facilitates compliance with food safety regulations, reduces the risk of non-compliance penalties, and improves operational transparency.

Data Integrity and Security

LogTag also prioritizes the integrity and security of recorded data with its secure storage and transfer features. This is vital for adhering to modern food safety regulations and protecting sensitive information from unauthorized access or tampering.

HACCP Compliance

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) is a systematic preventive approach to food safety. LogTag data loggers facilitate the monitoring of critical control points, ensuring that all temperature-related hazards are identified and controlled throughout the production process. By providing reliable and continuous temperature data, we assist businesses in complying with HACCP protocols, essential for food safety management. 

FDA Regulations

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sets stringent guidelines for food safety. Our precise temperature loggers aligns with FDA requirements, ensuring that food products meet the highest safety standards during storage and transportation. LogTag Recorders help maintain FDA compliance, crucial for businesses operating in or exporting to the United States, by providing accurate temperature records and alerts.

EU Food Safety Standards:

The European Union has its own set of rigorous food safety standards. LogTag data loggers are capable of adhering to these standards, offering the necessary precision and reliability. This ensures that businesses can confidently meet EU regulations, which is vital for market access and maintaining a positive reputation in European markets. 

Features and Benefits of LogTag Data Loggers

Precision Engineered for the Food Industry

Single-Trip and Multi-Trip Models

Optimize your supply chain with single-trip and multi-trip data loggers. Single-trip models simplify long-distance shipments without the worry of return logistics, while multi-trip loggers offer durable, reusable solutions for ongoing monitoring needs, ensuring cost-effective temperature control for every scenario.

Alarm Options

Stay ahead of potential issues with real-time alarm features - both optical and accustical. Customizable temperature thresholds allow for immediate action to protect your food products from spoilage, ensuring safety and minimizing waste through prompt alerts.

Wide Range of Measurement Capabilities

From deep-freeze to ambient, LogTag data loggers accurately monitor a vast range of temperatures, providing versatile solutions tailored to maintain the safety and quality of all food types during transport and storage.

Dual Monitoring, Dual Assurance - Multi-Sensor LogTag Models

Designed for convenience, our data loggers feature USB or WiFi connectivity for seamless integration into your existing systems. Coupled with user-friendly software, analyzing data and generating detailed reports for regulatory compliance has never been easier.

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