Comprehensive Temperature Monitoring for your Pharma Supply Chain

In the stringent sphere of pharmaceutical logistics, stable temperatures are critical. Our monitoring technology meticulously safeguards drug integrity from pharmaceutical storage to manufacturing through to transportation delivery. By warding off temperature excursions, we're your steadfast ally in a complex global network, ensuring quality and compliance every step of the way. From initial formulation to final delivery, our systems are the quiet guardians of pharmaceuticals, preempting recalls and fortifying the trust placed in patient care. Rely on us to uphold stringent safety standards across the supply chain, championing the health and well-being of end-users worldwide.

Optimize Your Pharma Supply Chain with LogTag

LogTag data loggers come in a versatile array of models, each designed for the unique demands of pharmaceutical monitoring. Our global distribution network ensures that you have access to our reliable technology wherever your operations may be. The extensive services accompanying our loggers provide you with not just tools, but solutions that make precision measurements the standard for your supply chain. Invest in LogTag's future-oriented approach to secure a compliance-ready future, guaranteeing quality and protection for your products.

  • Guarantees compliance with regulations, ensuring legal and standard adherence.
  • Maintains product integrity, safeguarding quality from production onward.
  • Avoids financial losses by preventing spoilage, enhancing supply chain reliability.
  • Drives strategic decision-making through valuable, data-informed insights.

Case Studies of Our Pharma Clients

An air cargo process expert for a leading Switzerland based airline, is responsible for defining the internal processes handling a wide range of temperature-controlled goods for customers. He needed to find a solution to repeated issues of Dry ICE cold contamination to other shipments, during storage and transport in the cool chain.
Dry ice is often used to keep food products, medicine, or biological materials in a frozen or chilled condition. The objective of this exercise was to establish standards to store ICE shipments away from other shipments. Dry ice is a hazardous material under Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). Live drug products are stored in a warehouse and monitored to ensure they are within correct temperature ranges to maintain effectiveness and integrity in the cool chain and product quality preservation.
The specialist used several LogTag TRIL-8 loggers to monitor and carry out tests to determine how the Dry ICE shipments were influencing other shipments that were stored too close together in the warehouse and on the aircraft. The TRIL-8 loggers were used to measure the temperature influence with different packing options. The results allowed him to define process solutions to minimize the risk of future cold contamination in both the warehouse and in the air transport. Data was downloaded using the companion LogTag interface cradle and the easy-to-use LogTag Analyzer software. Due to this satisfactory outcome from the tests, new processes were developed to maintain the continuity of high-quality standards and to meet airfreight customers’ requirements in cold-chain logistics.

A reputable distributor in Thailand has been selected by the Health Authority for the use of LogTag TRED30-16R loggers in Covid-19 vaccine monitoring The LogTag TRED30-16R and its additional accessories accompanied by the distributor’s other cold chain management merchandises can complete the vaccine storage and monitoring set, providing the ultimate, reliable instrument in controlling and recording vaccine temperatures in many vaccination sites throughout the country.
As per information provided from the distributor, the TRED30-16R provides a clear display screen so it will help the users in their country easily see recorded data/alarm immediately and the settings are easy to set-up and use. The operators can download data quickly using the LogTag interface to send and report information routinely accompanied by the free LogTag Analyzer software, to ensure compliance is met under local and international accreditations of acceptable cold chain management standards. Due to the simplicity and quality of the LogTag TRED30-16R, and the friendly support the distributor received from the LogTag team, this ensured a reliable cold chain management system for the mass vaccination programme throughout Thailand. Furthermore, this sustained the positive relationship the distributor had with users toward LogTag applications.

An air cargo airline process specialist of pharmaceutical handling, GDP (Good Distribution Practices) quality, and AVI (Live Animals) in cool chain and pharmaceutical solutions for a leading Switzerland based airline, is responsible for process development and implementation to ensure pharmaceuticals, perishables and healthcare products are transported in the correct temperature conditions.
Internationally recognized pharmaceutical regulations require distributors of pharmaceutical and healthcare products to align their operations with the GDP standards – a quality assurance system for warehouses and distribution centres of medicinal drugs. In order to help one of their Handling Agents obtain compliance with the standards, the specialist defined the protocol and recommended the use of LogTag TRIX-8 temperature loggers to undertake temperature-mapping exercises in controlled temperature rooms for healthcare products. He had a positive experience using the LogTag TRIX-8 loggers due to the product’s simplicity, its long battery life and the support he received from the LogTag team to ensure his application was successful. The data from LogTag TRIX-8 logger tests by using the companion LogTag interface cradle and software allowed a smooth and effective collection of data for analysis. Using the LogTag TRIX-8 helped this company obtain the IATA CEIV Pharma certification (Center of Excellence for Independent Validators) and meet standards for the airfreight customers’ requirements.

Why LogTag?

Precise Temperature Monitoring

Deviations in temperature can lead to serious safety risks and compromise product integrity.

Our data loggers provide extraordinarily precise accuracy, ensuring strict adherence to temperature guidelines essential for product safety and efficacy.

Reliability for Long-Term Monitoring

Continuous monitoring over extended periods is essential but can be hindered by equipment failure or frequent maintenance needs.

LogTag data loggers are designed for durability, with long battery life and robust construction, ensuring reliable performance and reducing the need for frequent replacements or maintenance.

LogTag Tailored to Your Needs

LogTag offers a diverse array of temperature loggers, each tailored for specific pharmaceutical needs:

Choose precision sensors with USB or WiFi for easy data management. Select from single-use loggers for short-term or durable multi-use devices for ongoing monitoring. The loggers can be delivered pre-configured for fast deplyoment.

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Adherence to Pharmaceutical Standards

Crucial to the pharmaceutical industry, our temperature monitoring solutions are engineered to uphold the cold chain's integrity. By adhering to international regulations, we ensure the ongoing quality and safety of medicinal products. Our commitment to precision and reliability in monitoring provides a foundation for compliance with key standards:

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

GMP regulations mandate standards for production processes to ensure product safety and quality. This includes environmental condition monitoring, such as temperature. Our devices provide precise monitoring essential for GMP compliance.

WHO Guidelines for Good Storage and Distribution Practice:

These globally recognized guidelines include recommendations for proper medicine storage and distribution. Our systems adhere to these guidelines, ensuring worldwide compliance.

Part 11

In the United States, this regulation specifies criteria for electronic records and signatures. Our electronic temperature monitoring systems meet these criteria, ensuring compliance with FDA regulations.

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