LogTag Software

LogTag Analyzer and LogTag Online

The powerful LogTag software allows fast download and archiving while its comprehensive graphical and list views simplify further data processing.

Features of LogTag Analyzer

The LogTag Analyzer application, offered at no charge, is the suggested software for individuals who use LogTag products. It serves as an intuitive and robust tool for setting up, retrieving, and visualizing data from any LogTag data logger.

  • Automatic evaluation and storage of connected data loggers
  • Displaying and printing recorded data in graph or table format
  • FDA-compliant software
  • Digital Signatures satisfying FDA 21CFR11 guidelines
  • Automatic transmission of recorded data via email and upload to an FTP server
  • Supports the languages German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Chinese (simplified), Japanese and Russian.


In default configuration, LogTag Analyzer will display downloaded or file opened data as a chart. The red colour area represents the region above the upper and the blue colour area the region below the lower alert limit; the green is the 'OK' region in between.


Zooming into an area of interest on the chart by clicking and dragging with your mouse.

Report Example

Example Report Screen is shown below.
Parameters and trip information are grouped into easily recognisable sections. A graph window is displayed below or to the right depending on window size.


Example configuration screen for HAXO-8 temperature and humidity logger.


Annotations can be easily added to a Chart.


Charting multiple LogTag data or comparing two humidity & temperature data loggers on a single chart is a useful tool for comparative analysis.


A "Certificate of Calibration" can be downloaded via the configuration program of the logger after the first configuration.

Sample certificate


Free Download

LogTag Online - Cloud Service

LogTag Online (LTO) is a web-based online platform that provides alarm notifications, compliance, data storage and reporting functions. LTO allows its users to download data from LogTag data loggers, view the data in the cloud, and share and backup the data using a permission-based system.

Software Features

  • Easy access via your browser
  • Transmit measurement data in real-time*
  • Alarm notification via SMS and e-mail*
  • Secure storage of measured data
  • Permission system for users
  • Comfortable sharing of data
  • Management of multiple locations¬†

LogTag Online Sign-up


LogTag Online is suitable for environments of all sizes - from small settings such as pharmacies and doctors with just a few refrigerators to large clinics and warehouses with a variety of cold rooms.


LogTag Online automates vaccine temperature monitoring and ensures compliance with VFC and CDC guidelines.


Access your data via LogTag Online on any device with an Internet connection and browser.

Easy operation

Setting up your account is quick and easy. You can then access your data immediately and online.


LogTag Online accepts data from any LogTag data logger, so you do not have to update your existing loggers to get started.


Immediate notification of a temperature alarm can be sent to your email or phone.

Real-time data

Your temperature data are uploaded to the cloud in real-time and can be viewed any time.

FDA Compliant

LogTag Online complies with all requirements for electronic records including FDA 21 CFR Part 11!

* For the effective use of LogTag Online, a Wall Mounted Wireless Interface Cradle is recommended that allows your LogTag data loggers to send real-time data directly to the LogTag Online Cloud. Alternatively, you can manually read your data loggers via the WiFi interface to send the recorded data to LogTag Online. If you are looking for a LogTag data logger with integrated WiFi functions - the UTRED30-WiFi model offers this option.

Access Plans for LogTag Online fixed and LogTag Transit

Feature Free access
(No Activation Code)
Standard (Paid) access LTO fixed and
Pay-As-You-Go Account LTO Transit
(Activation Code required)
Number of Locations LTO fixed 1 Limited Location 1 Full Location per purchased Activation Code1
Valid for 12 or 24 months
Number of Shipments LTO Transit Unlimited5 Unlimited5 (Dependent on amount purchased via Activation Codes)
Location History 3 months 10 years
Notifications2 Email Email and SMS or WhatsApp2
Number of SMS N/A 45 per year in Germany (other countries on request)
File Storage 1 year 10 years
Maximum number of files4 30 1000
Number of registered devices unlimited unlimited
Number of users 2 unlimited

1 One Location can only have one data logger (such as the TRED30-16 or UTRED30-WiFi Real-Time). Purchasing Location activation codes allows multi-team members and provides Notification units.
2 Messaging capabilities are not activated until Location and/or Notification activation codes are purchased. Alert notification that are sent through WhatsApp are not free and use notification units.
3 Only for mobile service providers that support the Email-to-Text service. Other providers will depend on the purchased activation code. Carrier fair use policies apply.
4 Can upload unlimited number of files to LogTag Drive. Free account gets to view the last 30. Increased capacity of Drive requires purchasing Location activation code at 1000 per Location. If recurring notifications have been sent with failed acknowledgment after multiple attempts, it will be detected as excessive usage. Further costs will apply if you wish to receive ongoing notifications beyond the fair usage amount by topping up directly on LogTag Online.
5 Can create unlimited Shipments. Free account gets 10 Shipment units which allows up to 10 data uploads only from any data loggers in any shipment. Purchasing Shipment unit activation codes allows additional data upload (1 Shipment unit is for 1 data upload from any logger, be it the same or from different data loggers) as well as multi-team members.

LogTag Mobile App

LogTag Mobile App allows users to access LogTag Online (LTO) in an app instead of the internet browser and can be used by new or any existing LTO users.
The LogTag Mobile app also gives users the ability to view and download LogTag data in the cloud, and allows the sharing and securing of the data using a permissions system, all on a mobile device.

Key Features:

  • 24/7 access to LogTag Online from a mobile device, anytime or anywhere in the world
  • Receive push notifications* (message that pops up on a mobile device) from a LogTag Online account
  • View and acknowledge notifications from a mobile device instantly
  • Download data files and reports onto a mobile device

*Depending on user account notification preferences & phone notification settings

Download LogTag Mobil App