Temperature and Humidity Recording for Industrial & Chemical Sectors

LogTag data loggers are engineered for precise temperature and humidity recording. These data loggers are vital for the global cold chain management of temperature and humidity sensitive chemicals, materials, and electronic components, ensuring that products are not compromised by temperature variations. LogTag Recorders align with ISO standards, offering a range of specialized products that instill confidence through rigorous quality assurance and compliance. Additionally, LogTag data loggers are cost-effective and flexible alternatives for HVAC system verification, offering quick setup and sensitive performance with rapid data download capabilities for on-the-spot analysis.

Quality Assurance through Temperature and Humidity Monitoring with LogTag

As goods travel from manufacturing to their final destination, LogTag data loggers provide vital temperature and humidity monitoring to ensure product integrity. These devices not only record and store measurement data during transport and storage but also enable audit-compliant evaluation and alert when preset limits are exceeded. This ensures that products are maintained in optimal conditions at all times, safeguarding quality and safety throughout the journey. Rely on LogTag for comprehensive monitoring solutions that uphold your standards of excellence.

  • Streamline compliance with rigorous standards, ensuring seamless integration into global supply chains.
  • Enhance decision-making with real-time temperature data, promoting proactive operational adjustments.
  • Guarantee product integrity through continuous monitoring, protecting against temperature and humidity deviations.
  • Optimize logistics efficiency by leveraging precise data analysis to reduce costs and improve storage strategies.
  • Build stakeholder trust with dependable, transparent temperature management across the cold chain.

Chemical Industry

Ensure the stability and safety of sensitive chemicals during storage and transit with LogTag's precise monitoring technology.

Automotive Industry

The durable loggers are built to withstand the demanding conditions of automotive transport & storage.

Electronics Industry

From production to delivery, protect valuable electronic components against temperature-induced damage.

Record temperature and humdity in industrial applications

Our range of LogTag products is not just about meeting compliance; it's about exceeding expectations in practical, real-world applications. From HVAC system audits to the meticulous monitoring required in chemical storage, LogTag devices offer unmatched performance. They are built for the industry, designed to provide swift, straightforward setup and operation, outperforming conventional alternatives in cost-effectiveness and efficiency.


Transportation & Delivery

As products transit through varying climates, real-time temperature recording becomes crucial for product preservation, ensuring that fluctuations are detected and addressed promptly.

With our data loggers stakeholders can have peace of mind knowing that every step of the journey is safeguarded, risks are minimized, and compliance with industry standards is ensured.


Even with controlled HVAC systems, warehouse temperatures can vary by as much as 10° C, posing a significant risk to the integrity of stored products.

Secure and monitored storage facilities act as the first line of defense, where our solutions guard against any temperature excursions.


Temperature control in manufacturing is crucial for quality assurance and product safety. We equip manufacturers with sophisticated monitoring solutions, ensuring precise conditions are maintained. Real-time alerts and data capture minimize the risk of spoilage or degradation, upholding product integrity and consumer trust effectively.

Elevating Industrial Standards with LogTag

We offer solutions for temperature and humidity recording in industrial and chemical sectors. Designed for accuracy and reliability, these devices ensure your operations meet stringent ISO standards and beyond. From HVAC systems to sensitive chemical storage and critical manufacturing processes, LogTag offers tailored monitoring solutions that enhance safety, efficiency, and product integrity. Experience the benefits of real-time alerts, detailed data reporting, and the versatility of external sensors, making LogTag an indispensable tool for industries seeking to optimize performance and exceed compliance requirements.

Long Battery Life

Ensures continuous monitoring over extended periods, ideal for use in areas where regular access is challenging.

Rugged Design

Resistant to harsh industrial environments and conditions, including shock and water resistance.

Wide Temperature and Humidity Range

Allows for precise monitoring across a broad range, from extremely low to high temperatures and humidity levels.

Customizable Alarm Thresholds

Enables setting specific temperature and humidity thresholds according to individual requirements.

Storage Capacity

Large data storage allows for long-term recording and traceability of environmental conditions.

User-friendly Software

Intuitive operation and software for easy data evaluation and reporting.

Ready to elevate your temperature
monitoring capabilities?

By incorporating LogTag into your operations, you invest in precise temperature regulation, embodying a commitment to operational effectiveness and adherence to stringent industry standards. Connect with our distributor in your country for a personalized consultation and discover how our solution can meet your specific needs.